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Affordable & World Class Treatment
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NABH, Ayushman Bharat Certified
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Award-Winning Doctors & Surgeons

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    Common symptoms of Hernia

    • Swelling or bulge in the groin or scrotum (the pouch that contains the testicles).
    • Increased pain at the site of the bulge.
    • Pain while lifting.
    • Increase in the bulge size over time.
    • A dull aching sensation.
    • A sense of feeling full or signs of bowel obstruction.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    A hernia affects your health when an internal body part sticks out of the muscle wall or tissue that usually contains it. It usually occurs in the abdominal cavity, chest, and hips. There are various types of hernia, and nearly 75-80% of cases are of inguinal or femoral hernia.

    Different hernia cases include:

    2% of hernia cases are of incisional or ventral hernia
    3-10% are umbilical, affecting newborns
    1-3% are other types

    You can meet a hernia specialist in Agra to diagnose your situation and proceed towards proper treatment.

    The common hernia forms include:

    Inguinal hernia
    Inguinal hernia affects the inguinal canal in men and women. The inguinal canal serves as a passage for the spermatic cord and blood vessels leading to the testicles in men. Likewise, in women, it gives support to the womb. In an inguinal hernia, fatty tissue or intestine pokes into the groin at the top of the inner thigh.
    Femoral hernia
    A part of the intestine pushes into the groin at the top of the inner thigh. It is most common in older women.
    Umbilical hernia
    Fatty tissues push through the abdomen near the belly button.
    Hiatal hernia
    If a part of the stomach pushes up into the chest cavity, it is called a hiatal hernia. The stomach reaches the chest cavity because of an opening in the diaphragm.

    Other hernia types include:

    Incisional hernia
    If you have undergone an abdominal or pelvic operation, you may get an incisional hernia.
    Epigastric hernia
    Fatty tissues may stick out of the abdomen between the navel and lower breastbone.
    Spigelian hernia
    In this hernia, the intestine pushes through the abdomen.
    Diaphragmatic hernia
    Abdominal organs move into the chest because of an opening in the diaphragm.

    You can treat these hernia types by taking proper medical advice. In addition, you may contact Ujala Cygnus Central Hospital to know the hernia operation cost in Agra.

    Inguinal and femoral hernias occur due to weak muscle tissue that may be present since your birth. Moreover, ageing and repeated strain in the abdominal and groin region can also lead to these hernia types. In addition, your body may strain because of physical exertion, obesity, pregnancy, frequent coughing, and constipation. Likewise, umbilical hernias in adults occur due to excess body weight, pregnancy, and frequent coughing.

    It is complex to understand the causes of hiatal hernias. However, it may be caused by weakening the diaphragm or excess pressure on the abdomen. As an Agra resident, you may meet a hernia specialist in Agra to understand the causes of different hernias.

    To know the hernia operation cost in Agra, you may contact Ujala Cygnus Central Hospital.

    If you have a hernia in your abdomen or groin, it can produce a noticeable lump in the affected region. However, this lump may disappear when you lay down. The bulge may appear while laughing, crying, coughing, and straining your body during other activities.

    The symptoms of hernia include:

    Swelling or lump in the groin or scrotum
    Pain at the affected site
    Pain while lifting weights
    A dulling aching sensation
    Increase in the bulge size
    Signs of bowel restriction

    The symptoms of hiatal hernia include heartburn, indigestion, difficulty swallowing, chest pain, and regurgitation. You may meet a hernia specialist in Agra to treat this health concern. Moreover, you can contact different hospitals to know the hernia operation cost in Agra.

    A physical exam can help in diagnosing a hernia. Your doctor may check the areas around the groin and testicles to diagnose your condition. Moreover, you may require a CT scan for proper diagnosis.

    As an Agra resident, you may undergo the tests under hernia specialists in Agra. You can get in touch with Ujala Cygnus Hospital to consult with some of the best hernia specialists,

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