Causes and Remedies For Lower Back Pain During Periods

Causes and Remedies For Lower Back Pain During Periods

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Causes & Remedies For Lower Back Pain During Periods

    Periods are always painful for most of the women. Pains mostly persist for the first three days, and that is at the lower back portion. Even though lower back pain during a period can be considered an early symptom for PMS, it is again considered one of the most common conditions for women. However, severe back pain during periods may also be considered as an early symptom of some of the most common infirmities like PMDD and dysmenorrhea or something more severe like endometriosis.

    Reason For Back Pain During Periods

    Numerous reasons may trigger back pain during periods, and some of these causes are related to the other gynecological conditions that are listed below-

    1. PMS- PMS or Premenstrual syndrome is such a condition that affects almost all the women before they start to menstruate. These early symptoms mostly occur within a week before the period starts and stops once it's over. Some of these symptoms Include

    ● Bloating

    ● Abdominal cramps

    ● Achy breasts

    ● Constipation or diarrhoea

    ● Headaches

    ● Emotional change or mood swing

    2. PMDD- PMDD or premenstrual dysphoric disorder is again a severe condition compared to PMS, and its symptoms include acute lower back pain during periods. The pain and intensity may even interfere with their daily life, including work, school, and even personal relationships. Some of the most common symptoms of PMDD include-

    ● Psychological concerns such as depression, anxiety, severe mood swings etc

    ● Some allergies, acne and other inflammatory conditions

    ● Includes some gastrointestinal symptoms like vomiting and even diarrhoea

    ● May also involve some neurological symptoms like dizziness and heart


    3. Dysmenorrhea- Dysmenorrhea is a condition when a woman while being on her period experiences extreme period cramps. This painful condition arises when the uterus contracts more than usual, leading to debilitating cramps. Some of the most common symptoms of dysmenorrhea are-

    ● Extreme cramping

    ● Pain in the lower back region

    ● Pain spreading down the legs

    ● Nausea and even vomiting

    ● Headaches and lightheadedness

    4. Endometriosis- There is no doubt that back pain during periods is a common phenomenon, but constant period pain could be due to endometriosis. It is characterised by the displacement of uterine tissue outside the uterus which commonly gravitates towards other pelvis areas. It may also give rise to-

    ● Severe pain

    ● Scarring

    ● Organ dysfunction

    Some of the most common indications of endometriosis also include-

    ● Chronic pain in the pelvic region during or after sex

    ● A constant feeling or pelvic pain even while not menstruating.

    ● Heavy periods that might last for longer days

    ● Severe period pain that may include lower back pain

    How To Reduce Back Pain During Periods?

    Some home remedies may reduce severe back pain during periods and help eliminate subtle annoyance. Not just pain in the lower back portion, women during their menstruation also experience abdominal pain, bloating, and even headaches at some worst-case scenarios. However, the lower back pain usually starts before the menstruation begins and slowly disappears once it is over. The good news is almost all the other symptoms start vanishing as your menstruation tends to end. Still, if you are wondering how to get rid of back pain during periods, stated below are a few tips that you must know-

    ● Some women choose to take medications like acetaminophen or anti-inflammatories This helps to reduce the pain in the lower back region.

    ● Exercising is also very beneficial for women as that helps to reduce the painful menstrual cramps and reduce the lower back pain.

    ● It is essential to maintain a healthy diet and take some additional nutritional supplements consisting of vitamin B and magnesium.

    ● Keeping your body hydrated is essential so you must drink plenty of water and other healthy fluids.

    ● Take a warm bath, or you may also apply warm heating pads to the painful areas.

    ● You must avoid coffee and chocolates during menstruation.

    ● Smoking and alcohol consumption must be avoided.

    ● Some women may also take some birth control pills to help deal with menstrual pain

    Why Do We Get Back Pain During Periods?

    Now that you already know how to reduce back pain during periods, you must also know the factors that might be responsible for this condition, and some of the most common ones Are :

    1. Your body is dehydrated- During menstruation; we lose a lot of fluid content from our body and make us feel thirsty and sometimes weak. This may give rise to some muscle cramps. Additionally, kidneys are located in the lower back portion and may trigger pain due to dehydration and that pain might be confused with pain in the muscles of your back. So while you are on your period, you must make sure to drink a lot of water to avoid dehydration. However, if you still experience severe conditions with heavy blood flow, you may consult with your doctor.

    2. Your spine is under pressure- Most people are unaware of their internal organs & position so you might not be aware that your uterus generally sits near the spine. While you go through your menstruation, your uterus becomes engorged and pushes itself against the dense network of nerves surrounding your spine. Now, this may result in back pain, neck pain and even headaches. To alleviate the condition, you must make sure that you do not hurt your spine during this time and try sitting or sleeping straight. The stretched-out body will help to relieve the pressure on your spine.

    3. Out Spreading period cramps- During periods, the wall of your womb begins to contract more vigorously than other days to shed its lining. During this time, the blood vessels are compressed, and the oxygen supply to the womb is cut off temporarily; that result is a painful condition which you feel like period cramps. Additionally, women back pain is due to the uterine contractions that radiate through the web of nerves in the pelvic region to reach the back muscles. It is vital to include magnesium in your diet to avoid painful period cramps.

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