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Breast Cancer- Causes, Diagnosis & Treatments

Breast Cancer- Causes, Diagnosis & Treatments

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    Breast cancer is one of the most frequent cancers worldwide, and the most common raggedness among women (21% of all new cancer cases).

    2.1 million women are affected by breast cancer and it is also the leading cause of the greatest number of cancer-related deaths among them.  

    Causes Of Breast Cancer

    • It happens when malignant tumors form in cells of the breast
    • Excessive consumption of alcohol
    • Obesity
    • Family history of breast cancer
    • Prolonged exposure to endogenous estrogens such as early menarche
    • Delayed menopause
    • Late age at first childbirth
    • Shorter breastfeeding
    • Oral contraceptive pills users
    • Hormone replacement therapy receivers  

    Types Of Breast Cancer The most common type of breast cancer is the Ductal Carcinoma in situ (DCIS). The other less common type of breast cancers are Medullary Carcinoma, Tubular Carcinoma, Mucinous Carcinoma, and Mammary Paget Disease

    Diagnosis Of Breast Cancer

    • Breast Examination: The patient by the doctor to check for any lumps or other abnormalities.
    • Mammogram: An X-ray of the breast 
    • Breast Ultrasound: to produce the structures and images of deep within the body.
    • Biopsy: Removing a sample of breast cells for testing. 
    • Breast MRI: Breast magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)
    • Digital Breast Tomosynthesis (DBT): To obtain pictures of the interior of the breast  

    Other tests would be conducted on the patient’s condition. 

    Treatment Of Breast Cancer The treatment of breast cancer varies based on the patient’s diagnosis, relevant stages, and other underlying conditions.

    • Breast cancer surgery
    • Radiation therapy 
    • Chemotherapy 
    • Hormone therapy 
    • Targeted therapy drugs 
    • Immunotherapy 
    • Supportive (palliative) care 

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1) Can men have breast cancer? A man’s risk of developing breast cancer is comparatively small because they have fewer breast cells overall and they have lower levels of estrogen. However, men tend to ignore and do not realize that they too are at risk for breast cancer.

    2) Is breast cancer curable? Early-stage breast cancer is curable in most women.

    3) Where does breast cancer occur? Breast cancer shows early signs in lymph nodes under the arms, in the collarbone, and inside the breast.

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