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Normal Delivery Or Cesarean, Which Is Better?

Normal Delivery Or Cesarean, Which Is Better?

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Normal delivery

    Pregnancy is a beautiful journey to bring life to this planet. Finally, you are ready to start a new chapter of your life. However, with endless beautiful moments, this phase has its share of worries. During pregnancy, what most women may think of is, “Which is better normal delivery or cesarean?” 

    A vaginal delivery or normal delivery is a natural way to give birth. However, it is best to discuss the pros and cons of normal vs cesarean delivery with your doctor. Every woman is different, and the benefits of c section delivery vs normal delivery depend on your health condition. 

    Let us look at the difference between normal and c section delivery. But first, you must understand what they mean and know their positives and negatives.

    What Does A C-section Delivery Mean?

    A c-section delivery uses surgery to take the baby out of a mother’s womb. It needs a vertical or horizontal incision on the mother’s belly. Thus, it reduces the medical complications that occur during childbirth. 

    A surgeon cuts the belly and makes an incision on the womb wall. Then, they take the baby out of the womb wall. Next, the abdomen and womb are closed with incisions. Many mothers may think, “Is normal delivery better or cesarean?” The fact is that complications in vaginal delivery may put the mother and baby’s health at risk. But your discussion with your doctor will decide what is better normal delivery or cesarean. 

    Advantages Of Cesarean Delivery

    The benefits of cesarean delivery are:

    • Cesarean delivery reduces the risk of medical complications and is best suited when there is a risk for mother and baby. Moreover, it reduces the death rate and illness in the mother and baby.
    • You can choose a date and schedule the delivery according to your convenience.
    • It is efficient and predictable.
    • It protects the mother against stress incontinence.
    • It reduces the mortality rates in babies.

    Now, let us look at the disadvantages of the c section vs normal delivery.

    Disadvantages Of Cesarean Delivery

    The common disadvantages include:

    • You need to stay in the hospital for a few days more compared to natural delivery
    • Problems in breastfeeding.
    • Chances of repeated hospitalisation for both mother and baby.
    • Expensive as it is a surgical procedure

    Moreover, it may pose health risks for mothers. 

    Risks Of Cesarean Delivery For Mothers

    The common risks attached to cesarean vs normal delivery include:

    • Blood clot.
    • Pain at the surgical site.
    • Extended recovery period.
    • Possibility of mother’s death during childbirth due to uterine scarring.
    • Health complications such as bleeding, sepsis, thromboembolism, and amniotic fluid embolism.
    • Weakening of belly muscles.
    • Complications in future pregnancies like placental issues and womb rupture.
    • Possibility of cesarean delivery in future pregnancies.

    In addition, c section delivery may pose some risks for the baby. Normal delivery or cesarean which is better? To understand this, you may discuss it with your doctor or a family member who has undergone c-section delivery.

    Risk Factors For The Baby

    The possible risk factors of c section vs normal delivery for the baby are:

    • The baby might develop asthma, skin allergy, and celiac disease due to a weak immune system. 
    • When the baby is born through a c-section, they do not have contact with the vaginal germinal flora of their mother. It affects their immunity, and they may get exposed to certain bacteria.
    • The baby may need to be admitted to a neonatal intensive care unit.
    • There are high chances of stillbirth.
    • Premature delivery carries the risk of pulmonary complications.

    It is better to discuss the difference between the c section and normal delivery with your doctor. If you need to go for a c-section delivery, it is recommended that you know and understand the c section vs normal delivery pros cons beforehand.

    What Is A Normal Delivery?

    Before finalising the birth mode for your child, you must know which is better c section or normal delivery. The knowledge of the difference between cesarean and normal delivery gives you an idea about the birth process. 

    A normal delivery means that a mother uses her vagina to give birth to a baby. It usually happens between 37-42 weeks of pregnancy. Vaginal birth does not use forceps or vacuum assistance to give birth. So even if you think normal delivery vs cesarean delivery which is better, firstly, you need to understand what they mean. 

    What Are The Benefits Of Normal Delivery?

    The benefits of vaginal birth over c-section include:

    • It reduces the possibility of blood loss, scarring, infections, and complications of pain medication.
    • It removes fluid from the baby’s lungs.
    • Enhanced immunity in the baby due to exposure to good bacteria.
    • Immediate contact between the mother and baby.
    • Early breastfeeding.
    • Quick recovery.
    • Short hospital stay.

    To know if normal delivery or cesarean which is better, you can also research the topic on the internet. It is beneficial to understand the difference between normal delivery and cesarean before deciding on the birth procedures. Then, for a clear opinion, you can discuss the pros and cons of normal delivery versus the c section with your doctor.

    Risks Related To Vaginal Delivery

    The common risks include:

    • It requires physical strength to give birth to a baby without a surgical procedure.
    • It enhances the risk of vaginal damage as it can lead to a vaginal tear or overstretching.
    • It may make a woman prone to uncontrolled bowel movements. Moreover, it may cause a loss of urine control.
    • Soreness in the groin area.
    • Weakness in the groin muscle.

    Both the procedures have risks, advantages, and disadvantages that may make you wonder, “Which is better normal delivery or c section?” To know more about cesarean delivery vs normal delivery, you may take the help of published medical journals. Moreover, there are pregnancy-related books that describe cesarean or normal delivery which one is better. 

    When Does A Doctor Suggest C-section Delivery?

    Your doctor may suggest a c-section in the following cases:

    • When you have a possibility of giving birth to twins or triplets.
    • In case of obstructed labour.
    • When the baby is in distress inside the womb.
    • If the baby is large.
    • Complications in baby’s umbilical cord.
    • If you have c-section deliveries earlier.
    • There is a fault in a baby’s position. 
    • If a doctor observes placenta previa.
    • If you have sexually transmitted diseases that may pass on to the baby during vaginal birth.

    The difference between normal delivery and the c section holds utmost importance when deciding the birth procedure. The risk factors are also detrimental to decide, ‘normal delivery or c section which is better?’. You may contact your doctor to know ‘is cesarean delivery better than normal?’ in your case.

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