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Affordable & World Class Treatment
Affordable & World Class Treatment
NABH, Ayushman Bharat Certified
NABH, Ayushman Bharat Certified
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Award-Winning Doctors & Surgeons

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    Our Hospitals Are COVID-19 Safe

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    Our doctors provide treatments for a wide range of problems.

    • Acute & Chronic Kidney Disease
    • Polycystic Kidney Disease
    • Diabetes Renal Failure
    • Blood in Urine
    • Dialysis/Peritoneal Dialysis
    • Catheter Insertion
    • Kidney Biopsy
    • Transplant Nephrology

    Acute & Chronic Kidney Disease

    Polycystic Kidney Disease

    Diabetes Renal Failure

    Blood in Urine

    Dialysis/Peritoneal Dialysis

    Catheter Insertion

    Kidney Biopsy

    Transplant Nephrology

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    A doctor who treats kidney problems is known as a nephrologist. A nephrologist aims to diagnose and treat kidney conditions and manage the impact of kidney dysfunction on the rest of the body.

    A nephrologist treats the following kidney conditions:

    • Tubular defects
    • Kidney infections
    • Advanced kidney disease
    • Glomerular condition
    • Abnormal growth of kidney
    • Abnormalities of kidney, bladder, or urine collection system
    • Tubulointerstitial kidney disease
    • Kidney vascular conditions
    • High blood pressure
    • An autoimmune condition involving the kidney
    • A metabolic disorder like diabetes

    Your physician may refer you to a nephrologist if they detect a kidney problem like infections, disease, and abnormal growth. In that case, you may look for the best nephrology hospital in Haldwani.

    Untreated kidney problems can lead to the development of chronic kidney disease. It may also lead to kidney failure. Timely diagnosis and treatment of chronic kidney problems can prevent kidney failure.

    You may look for the best kidney hospital in Haldwani if you notice any of the following symptoms:

    • Blood in urine: You witness blood in urine when there is a kidney or urinary tract problem. It does not necessarily mean that you have kidney disease, but you may develop kidney disease if you are negligent towards your condition. If you notice blood in the urine or any abnormalities in your kidney function, you may contact the best nephrologist in Haldwani at Ujala Cygnus Central Hospital.
    • Protein in urine: The kidney filters the waste and keeps the nutrients in your body. When the kidney’s filters get damaged, they allow the protein to reach into the urine. It is a sign of kidney disease and should be treated on time. You may look for the best nephrologist doctor in Haldwani.
    • Kidney stones: Kidney stone is a common problem, and it happens due to the buildup of mineral clumps in the kidney. The size of kidney stones differs, and large stones may cause pain while moving through the urinary tract. When the stone gets eliminated from the body with the urine, it is known as ‘passing a kidney stone’. You can visit a kidney stone doctor in Haldwani who will diagnose your stones and provide the best treatment for you.
    • Acute kidney injury: Acute Kidney Injury (AKI) happens in very sick people and is in a critical stage in the hospital. It is a life-threatening condition, and the kidney stops working. Some injury, infection, or medicines can also lead to acute kidney injury needing immediate attention.
    • Kidney infection: Bacteria cause a kidney infection. These bacteria spread from the urinary tract to the kidney. Fever, vomiting, and pain in the back, groin and sides are a few symptoms of kidney infection. Women are more prone to kidney infection than men because of their anatomy. To treat kidney infection, you may visit Ujala Cygnus Central Hospital, which has empanelled some of the best nephrology doctors in Haldwani.
    • Kidney pain: You can feel pain in your back, most commonly between the middle and upper portions of the back and the sides. Feeling pain in the back does not necessarily mean you have kidney pain. But if you fear you are suffering from kidney pain, you may want to consult with one of the top nephrologists in Haldwani.
    • Hepatitis C and kidney disease: Hepatitis C is a disease that affects the liver. Hepatitis C can cause kidney disease in some cases. A kidney patient may develop hepatitis C from hemodialysis, which is a treatment of kidney failure. It can happen due to the failure of a medical facility that does not follow infection control protocols and guidelines.

    You should not take any signs and symptoms of kidney disease lightly. If you experience any signs mentioned above, look for the top kidney specialist in Haldwani empanelled at Ujala Cygnus Central Hospital. While the kidney stone laser treatment cost in Haldwani is believed to be unrealistic, we offer affordable prices for all treatments at our hospital.

    The common symptoms of a kidney problem may include:

    • Fatigue: The dysfunction of the kidney can lead to the buildup of toxins in the body. It can cause fatigue. The kidney also produces a hormone that makes the red blood cells. Fewer red blood cells in the body make the oxygen supply to muscles and the brain difficult.
    • Itchy skin: The inability of the body to flush out the toxins can develop itchy skin. The imbalance of minerals and nutrients in the body can lead to bone diseases that can promote dry and itchy skin.
    • Poor sleep: Studies have revealed that improper sleep can lead to chronic kidney disease. Improper sleep hinders the supply of oxygen to the organs and may damage the kidney.
    • Muscle cramp: Muscle cramps are a symbol of improper kidney function. The imbalance of sodium, potassium, and calcium can interrupt the working of muscle and nerve. You may consult with a kidney stone specialist in Haldwani if you experience persistent muscle cramp.
    • Breathlessness: Kidney disease hinders the production of a hormone called erythropoietin. The hormone is responsible for the production of red blood cells. You can feel breathlessness in case of a shortage of red blood cells.
    • Swollen face and feet: It is difficult to get rid of sodium from the body in kidney disease. The buildup leads to swollen feet, face, hands, and ankles. It is common to notice swelling in the feet and ankle, and protein leakage in urine can cause puffiness around the eyes.
    • Foggy head: The inability to flush out the toxins from the body can affect the brain. Anaemia may block oxygen supply to the brain. You may feel dizzy and find it difficult to concentrate.
    • Low appetite: Kidney disease can lead to nausea and vomiting. One may not feel the need to eat, which may result in sudden weight loss.
    • Foul breath: The inability of the kidney to filter out waste can lead to the development of uremia, which can make your mouth smell.
    • Brown or bloody urine: Brown or cloudy urine is a result of protein buildup. Bloody urine can be caused by kidney stones, tumours, or infections.

    It is essential to keep a check on your health and inform your doctor in case of any abnormality. To consult with one of the top five nephrologists in Haldwani, you may visit Ujala Cygnus Central Hospital.

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