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Affordable & World Class Treatment
Affordable & World Class Treatment
NABH, Ayushman Bharat Certified
NABH, Ayushman Bharat Certified
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Award-Winning Doctors & Surgeons

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    Our Hospitals Are COVID-19 Safe

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Are you curious to know if the benefits of ambulance service in Karnal are available? Read on to know more than just the affordability factor.

    Ambulance services are the medical facilities that save thousands of lives and provide immediate medical transport to people. You can no doubt find the best ambulance service in Karnal at very reasonable costs because many initiatives support this noble cause. Ambulances not only provide transport services but also are equipped with facilities that treat medical emergencies.

    Most of the hospitals offer their ambulance services on a 24/7 basis which are very helpful during emergencies. The Karnal ambulance service is famous all across Karnal and neighbouring cities as it provides fast services to people suffering from medical emergencies. The cost also depends on various factors like the overall distance, medical equipment, etc. However, the cost facility of Ujala Cygnus ambulance in Karnal is reasonable when compared with others.

    Therefore, to avail of all these services, dial the Ujala Cygnus ambulance no in Karnal to get fast and affordable service at your doorstep.

    The following points will tell you when ambulance services must be called for:

    • For those patients who can’t walk or travel on their own.
    • In case of medical emergencies like unconsciousness, severe injuries, extreme weakness, excessive blood loss etc
    • Orthopaedic disorders where people can’t walk properly.
    • From transferring patients from the hospital after an intense surgical procedure.
    • Critically unwell patients who need medical support and aid to breathe.

    If you are from Karnal and want immediate medical help, dial the official Karnal ambulance number, and you will get fast and quality ambulance service Karnal at your doorstep.

    An ambulance also provides medical facilities to patients in case of emergencies. They are equipped with beds and other medical equipment and tools to treat patients during the journey. You can find a heart rate monitor, a ventilator, and other facilities for controlling haemorrhages and stabilising blood pressure as well.

    In India, the ambulance Karnal services are famous all over India for providing fast service to people. By simply calling the ambulance no Karnal, you can avail of quality ambulance facilities in no time.

    Ambulance services have become an important part of your existence as fast medical transport is required to save lives. There is no country that doesn’t provide emergency medical services. Even when the traffic is heavy, there is also a way out for ambulances as these carry critical patients. Unless we face a critical situation or an emergency, we don’t value an ambulance’s importance. You can call an ambulance in mainly two situations: firstly in severe medical emergencies and secondly for transporting patients to and from the hospital. Emergencies may occur in different forms, such as heart attacks, heart strokes, trauma, accidents, severe injuries, and more.

    If you are going to travel in an ambulance during an emergency, it is always comforting to ride along with a family member by your side. However, there are certain things to remember if you want your family member to come along with you. You have to check the ambulance company’s policies, how emergent the situation is of the patient, and whether the crew allows more people to travel in the ambulance.

    In most cases, a family member can travel with the patient, but it depends on specific conditions and policies. Such instances could be that only one member is allowed to come with you in the ambulance. They usually are seated in the front cab passenger seat and adequately secured with a seat belt. However, in the case of a small child, the parent can be sitting in the back of the ambulance.

    Generally, in very small babies, the parents are asked to ride in the ambulance; otherwise, you have to come in your car. If you live in Karnal and your baby requires immediate medical help, you can avail of the fast services by simply calling the ambulance number in Karnal. Within no time, the ambulance will be at your door to take your child to the hospital.

    There are different types of ambulances in India that are all used for medical emergencies. Let’s find out what these ambulances are special for.

    1. Basic Life Support Ambulance

    These ambulances are basic and more suitable for those patients who are not suffering from heart problems or do not require cardiac monitoring. They are equipped with basic medical tools and equipment like a BP monitor, bed, oxygen cylinder, stretcher, etc.

    2. Advanced Life Support Ambulance

    For those patients who require a higher level of care, advanced life support ambulances are the best option. These ambulances have trained staff and doctors to treat the critical condition of the patient. They are equipped with modern technology and tools like IV supplies, defibrillators, oxygen cylinders, cardiac monitors, resuscitation kits, etc. These ambulances are there in Karnal, whereby calling the ambulance number Karnal, you can avail these facilities.

    3. Patient Transfer Ambulance

    This ambulance is also called Non-Emergency Patient transfer. It is used to transfer patients to and from hospitals. They are suitable for the ones who need mobility assistance, but their medical condition is not critical.

    4. Mortuary Ambulance

    They are used to transfer the dead body of a patient from one place to another.

    5. Train Ambulance

    Transferring ill patients by a first-class AC train would be much better than the road ambulances. While travelling in a train ambulance, the patient receives a stress-free environment and pleasant travel to the hospital. Train ambulances are mainly used when the distance is longer and the patient is too critical to travel by a road ambulance. These ambulances are very demanding today as they are convenient and less expensive than the air ambulance.

    6. Air Ambulance

    In times of emergencies, it becomes essential that you choose the right medical team for the patient. Air Ambulance has all the facilities to treat patients during emergencies. They have qualified doctors and staff who provide medical help to the patient during their air journey.

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