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    The ongoing coronavirus has shown that though nobody is safe from the virus, still there are some sections of the society that are more protected as compared to others. Even when the Prime Minister Narendra Modi-led Government has launched the massive vaccination drive with free vaccination in all the Government hospitals, the euphoria of gettingYour Read More Link Text

    What is IVF? In Vitro Fertilization is a technological reproductive treatment that assists the patient to enable fertilization in their bodies. This process facilitates pregnancy and is popularly known as IVF treatment. The off-springs that are born through this technological procedure are known as “test-tube babies”. In the IVF process from start to finish, thereYour Read More Link Text

    Diabetes is a chronic (long-term) disease. It affects the body’s ability to produce insulin to regulate the blood sugar level. Thus, there is an imbalance of glucose in the blood. It can be pretty confusing at times, mainly because people have various myths about diabetes. Therefore, it is normal to have doubts when you getYour Read More Link Text

    Diabetes and coronavirus: आधुनिक समय में अस्त व्यस्थ जीवनशैली की वजह से कई बीमारियों ने हमारी ज़िन्दगी में जगह बना ली है। दिल की बीमारी, हड्डियों में परेशानी और थाइरोइड जैसी समस्याएं अब रोज़ ही सुनने को मिलती हैं। डायबिटीज उनमें से एक है। अध्ययन में पाया गया है कि भारत में डायबिटीज के मरीज़Your Read More Link Text

    If you experience extreme pressure or a perceived threat, your body may respond to such situations. These natural responses are called stress. A little bit of stress can improve your productivity and help you meet strict deadlines. However, if a situation goes out of your hands, your body may adversely respond to such problems. AsYour Read More Link Text

    The Delta variant of coronavirus caused havoc in healthcare. The new variant increased the number of active cases and led to fungal infections in post-COVID patients. In addition, yellow, white, black, and green fungus affected many people.  Let us understand what a green fungus is and how you can protect yourself from this deadly infection. Your Read More Link Text

    Feeling as if your heart beats fast when lying down is commonly referred to as heart palpitations. However, many people experience heart palpitations, and it is not considered a serious issue.  Why does my heart beat fast when I lay down? Heart palpitations refer to a fluttery feeling in the heart when you lay down.Your Read More Link Text

    A Brief introduction to HIV/AIDS More than 36.7 million people are positive for human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) and India has the third largest HIV epidemic in the world, overall, there is a decline in the country with a decline of 54% of AIDS related deaths between 2007 and 2015. World AIDS day is commemorated onYour Read More Link Text

    You squat for multiple reasons, and during that time, you may experience a cracking or popping sound in your knees. Most of you may wonder, “Why do my knees crack when I squat?” The answer is simple. It is because squatting puts pressure on your knees. The cracking sound is called crepitus, and if thisYour Read More Link Text

    ‘Does beer remove kidney stones?’ Now that’s a question everyone is looking forward to an answer to! People tend to have a variety of opinions when someone claims that beer helps in kidney stones.  Everyone has their theories when discussing whether a beer is good for kidney stones or not. Before going in-depth on theYour Read More Link Text

    What is a Seizure/Convulsion? It is a sudden change in behaviour, movements and consciousness that happens because of abnormal, excessive discharges from your brain cells called neurons. It is basically an electrical imbalance in your brain. What is Epilepsy? It is a condition when an individual has recurrent seizures due to a chronic condition.  WhatYour Read More Link Text

    Growing old is a natural process, and this process affects your body in many ways. For example, you may feel low on energy, experience changes in body functions and sleep patterns. You may consider these changes as the side effects of growing old. However, it could be due to the hormonal changes in your body. Your Read More Link Text

    Women with ovarian cysts often get worried about their pregnancy. They may ponder over their chances of getting pregnant with ovarian cysts. Ovarian cysts can develop because of numerous reasons. Hormonal changes may result in ovarian cysts. Let us understand if you can get pregnant with a cyst on your ovary and the chances ofYour Read More Link Text

    What Is Laparoscopy? Laparoscopy is a minimally invasive surgical procedure performed on individuals to examine the health of their organs. The procedure is also performed to investigate the cause and factors affecting infertility. Laparoscopy allows the doctor to see inside your abdomen and is a suitable method for several ailments, including infertility. In a woman,Your Read More Link Text

    Lungs are two sponge-like air-sacs needed for breathing. When you breathe through your nose,  air goes through a windpipe to your lungs in which oxygen is extracted and transported to other parts of the body, in the process, carbon dioxide is given out back through the windpipe.  When the cells in the lungs begin toYour Read More Link Text

    The global pandemic has already induced the culture of working from home. Still, the biggest challenge that arrived with it was keeping everyone fit both physically and mentally and following a fixed diet regime. We are all required to have a healthy diet while working from home, as our daily eating and drinking habits areYour Read More Link Text

    The life expectancy with a leaky heart valve depends on the type of valve and the severity of the leakage. The improved medical technology has shown a positive impact in improving the quality of life. Moreover, the surgery provides increased chances of survival. However, if the leaky heart valve remains untreated, the chances of survivalYour Read More Link Text

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