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    Our Hospitals Are COVID-19 Safe

    Affordable & World Class Treatment
    NABH, Ayushman Bharat Certified
    Award-Winning Doctors & Surgeons

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    Highly experienced and skilled team of doctors & surgeons who have been trained in leading hospitals.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    You may need to consult with a new doctor due to varied reasons, say you have decided to change your doctor, or you need to get in touch with a specialist who will be able to take care of some specific conditions. No matter what, you will always want to follow a specific guideline while choosing the right doctor in Panipat for your medical care as that is an essential part of your life.

    Before scheduling consultation with a doctor, make a list of doctors in Panipat, along with location to understand the time needed for travel and counselling. These factors are important if you are taking a break from work to see the doctor.

    Analyzing Your Requirements

    If you are searching for a new primary care doctor, you must find the one you can trust the most, communicate without feeling uncomfortable at all, and build a long-term relationship based on trust.

    To become a specialist, they will require several years of expertise. However, it is still crucial to verify if they have excellent communication skills not to face any issue interacting with them. Besides, the type of health problem you are suffering from, several additional considerations must be kept in mind when finding the specialist doctor. Often, you will want to seek consultation with a doctor holding a higher degree like an MD. Ujala Cygnus works with some of the best MD doctors in Panipat, from various specializations.

    Sometimes the best doctor might not just be sufficient for you as the physician extenders are also a significant factor that needs to be considered consisting of the nurses, physician assistants, and other alternative medicine practitioners. If you are looking for experienced and well reputed ladies specialist doctors in Panipat, you don’t need to look anymore as at Ujala Cygnus we have associated ourselves with some of the best lady doctors in Panipat.

    Find A Respectful Communicator

    No matter which specialist doctor you will want to meet, you must ensure that you can communicate with the professional effortlessly and speak with each other with mutual respect. Many patients complain about their doctor that they don’t understand what they speak, or they feel that the professional does not respect their views. Sometimes such issues appear when the professional does not care about their patients’ needs or disregards them.

    Overall, the most experienced and professional doctors are generally precise with their communication skills and respectful with their patients. However, you must also know that a healthy and respectful communication requires understanding from both the doctors and their patients to cross the hurdles. Any physician doctor in Panipat, with whom you wish to seek consultation should be a good communicator and patient listener. At Ujala Cygnus, we have some of the best physicians in Panipat who understand the patient’s concerns before reaching out for a diagnosis.

    Select A Practitioner Who Works With Your Insurance

    Finding a doctor who works with your insurance is something complicated, but that must be analyzed. First, you need to have a clear cut idea about health insurance’s nature, as that may change over time. Second of all, you will have to find a doctor who accepts insurance from Company A this year; but the next year, they might work with another company B. Hence, if you have insurance from Company A, try finding a doctor who will accept company A’s insurance or you might have to pay for the services separately. Make sure to seek clarity with respect to insurance for your health concern with your insurance agent.

    At Ujala Cygnus, we accept insurance as per the government norms for specific treatments and diseases so that you can receive treatments from our top physicians in Panipat.

    Pick up the right type of specialist.

    Some patients often end up seeing the wrong doctor. For instance, you need to get in touch with a cardiologist; instead, you accidentally picked up a chest specialist. Under such circumstances, you will not receive the most appropriate treatment. To avoid this mistake; you will have to work closely with your primary care physician and note their referrals. You must be sure that you are referred to as the right type of specialist who will resolve your health problems.

    Check The Credentials

    Checking out the credentials of the professional is very important. Before selecting a doctor, check from any reliable source about the doctors’ certification, qualification, and experience. Also, check if the professional is board-certified or not as that ensures that the professional is trained enough to provide the best treatment to all their patients. Finally, it is also essential to check out if the doctor has any malpractice record throughout their career. You may also try checking out the reviews and testimonials from specific websites to learn about the doctors.

    Have you been suggested a surgery to take care of the ailment in question. Ujala Cygnus works with some of the best surgeons in Panipat who only proceed with surgery after considering and trying other treatment options like diet, medications, physiotherapy and lifestyle changes.

    Verify Their Track Record

    The doctors’ experience and track record are other vital determinants that must be considered if you suffer from severe conditions or seek a critical treatment process. Performing a background check regarding the doctor’s schooling, training, and certification will help you pick the best professional. You may also speak with any of their past patients to get a clear idea about the doctor.

    If you are in Panipat and are facing some health concerns, do visit Ujala Cygnus as our team of physicians includes some of the best physicians in Panipat.

    Consider Hospital Affiliation

    If you think you will need to be hospitalized now or in the future and have already selected your hospital, you will have to keep that choice in mind when trying to get in touch with a doctor. Most of the time, a doctor usually remains affiliated with one or more hospitals, so you have to find out which doctors are affiliated with the hospital you have selected.

    With the rise in the number of healthcare centres, more and more doctors are limited to their affiliations. However, if you are sure about hospitalization in the future and have already picked your hospital, choose one such doctor who can meet your requirement.

    Some Further Considerations

    The clinic’s location is another crucial factor that must be considered as travelling long distances to visit a hospital can be very difficult for you or the patient. So it would be the best idea if you try finding one such doctor’s clinic or hospital that is not too far from where you live.

    Furthermore, if you think that it will be better for you to choose a doctor of one gender or the other, then make sure that you choose one such professional with whom you will feel comfortable. The choice will address your need to communicate with the doctor.

    The relationship between you and your doctor may last lifelong, especially if you suffer from any specific underlying disease. So when choosing a doctor, verify the professional’s age as selecting a younger doctor than you will be helpful in that case.

    Finally, it is also important to remember that you must always try to select one such doctor who speaks in the same language as you do to ensure an effective and smooth communication system between the two.

    When you are trying to find the best doctor in Panipat, apart from the factors mentioned above, you will also have to consider the entire team who assists the doctor.

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