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Affordable & World Class Treatment
Affordable & World Class Treatment
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NABH, Ayushman Bharat Certified
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Award-Winning Doctors & Surgeons

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    Our Hospitals Are COVID-19 Safe

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Do you know that ambulance services in Rewari are available, and Ujala Cygnus offers one of the best services? Read on to understand the various types of ambulances in Rewari and the rest of the country.

    We also know ambulance care providers as Emergency Medical Services (EMS), who provide immediate medical care to the lives at the scene. Emergency medical care has changed so much over the years! Measures to save a patient’s life starts when they are placed in the ambulance. An ambulance these days has a wide spectrum of emergency care.

    Ambulances are designed and equipped to provide intricate emergency care during transfers and transit. Below is the list of ambulances that deal with medical emergencies of every kind.

    Basic Ambulance

    A basic ambulance is deployed to transport patients who need basic medical care under the supervision of an emergency medical technician (EMT) who is well experienced to take care of minor or uncritical emergencies. The basic ambulance is equipped with oxygen delivery devices, a patient bed, and a pulse oximeter. This type of basic ambulance in Rewari is readily available at Ujala Cygnus.

    Advance Ambulance

    The critically ill patients are served using the advance ambulance. It is equipped with life-saving equipment like an ECG monitor, defibrillator, blood drawing tools and intravenous infusion. An advance ambulance is deployed to transit or transfer patients suffering from cardiac emergencies or serious casualties requiring advanced life support. Ujala Cygnus offers one of the best ambulance services in Rewari, and if needed, you can call them, especially for immediate services.

    Mortuary Ambulance

    Also known as a Hearse Van, a mortuary ambulance transports the body of the deceased and is equipped with a freezer box. The emergency medical technician trained to take care of a person’s physical remains follows all the safety protocols to respectfully transport the body and preserve it until the funeral rites are performed, or an immediate family member takes possession.

    Neonatal Ambulance

    Premature babies who need treatment in specialized care hospitals are transported using neonatal ambulances equipped with incubators. This facility has played a successful hand in bringing down the infant mortality rates.

    Patient Transport Vehicles

    In non-emergency care services, a patient transport vehicle is used. A medical transport vehicle transfers patients from one treatment facility to another medical centre that provides the necessary treatment or their respective home to the hospital and vice versa.

    Train Ambulance

    At times, patients need to be escorted across cities, and rail ambulances are used in such cases. A team of medically trained professionals escort these patients. The rail ambulance service is wallet-friendly and used when the patient should travel long distances.

    Air Ambulance

    Air ambulances transport emergency cases from one hospital to another and bring immediate emergency care to the site of scenes like accidents or significant trauma. They are usually used for long-distance or international transits as they provide a swift response during emergencies.

    If you are unsure when to call a Rewari ambulance service, read the next question for better information.

    You can dial the ambulance number in Rewari for immediate service, but not all situations need an ambulance. Sometimes you will not require ambulance service, and times when you will. Let’s understand what these situations are:

    Dial ambulance no of Rewari for the below-mentioned situations :

    • A person is experiencing overbearing chest pains, difficulty breathing, sudden onset of confusion or altered mental state. They might be experiencing a cardiac arrest, stroke or other related conditions that need immediate medical attention.
    • If someone is choking and needs abdominal thrusts, or if the heart stopped working and the person needs CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation). Call an emergency care provider before performing CPR and dial for ambulance service Rewari immediately if you do not know CPR.
    • If you feel moving the person might add to the injury, call an ambulance. EMT’s are trained in extracting people from such situations and safely escorting them back to medical care centres.
    • If you had a fall and cannot get up because of an injury or weakness. Also, if you are unsteady on your feet, it is best to seek help and call for an ambulance instead of driving yourself to a hospital.

    Other factors that warrant an ambulance service Rewari include:

    Urban Vs Rural
    Your location geographically also relies on the faster response times of an ambulance. In a rural area, a volunteer rescue squad (replacement to an ambulance) is used and can take time to reach. In the city, the challenge is traffic congestion, even though many ambulance units are available. If you live in or around Rewari and need ambulance service in Rewari, dial Ujala Cygnus for immediate assistance.

    An ambulance can cost a bit more than using a car service. If the patient’s condition is not life-threatening with any imminent damage to the body, you can seek help from family or friends to transport the patient to a hospital.

    You should have the ambulance no in Rewari as it differs from one service provider to another. You must consider saving the number in your contact list to connect with an ambulance in Rewari for emergencies.

    You can check the Ujala Cygnus website for the listed Rewari ambulance number

    Nangloi : 8750060177

    Sonipat : 0130-2213088

    Panipat : 0180-4015877

    Karnal : 0184-4020454

    Safdarjung : 011-42505050

    Bahadurgarh : 01276-236666

    Kurukshetra : 01744-270567

    Kaithal : 9996117722

    Rama Vihar : 9999655255

    Kashipur :7900708080

    Rewari : 01274-258556

    Varanasi : 7080602222