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Affordable & World Class Treatment
Affordable & World Class Treatment
NABH, Ayushman Bharat Certified
NABH, Ayushman Bharat Certified
Award-Winning Doctors & Surgeons
Award-Winning Doctors & Surgeons

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    Our Hospitals Are COVID-19 Safe

    Why Ujala Cygnus?

    Our ENT department in Varanasi focuses on providing exceptional ENT care to all the residents of Varanasi and nearby areas at an affordable cost.


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    Services Offered At Ujala Cygnus Hospital Varanasi

    Our doctors provide treatments for a wide range of health problems.

    Nasal / Sinus Procedures

    • Septoplasty
    • Septoplasty With Turbinate Reduction
    • Nasal Valve Reconstruction
    • Functional Endoscopic Sinus Surgery
    • Functional Endoscopic Sinus Surgery (Complex)
    • Nasal Fracture Reduction (closed)
    • Nasal Fracture Reduction (open)
    • Rhinoplasty

    Ear Procedures

    • Ear tubes (tympanostomy)
    • Myringoplasty
    • Tympanoplasty
    • Tympanoplasty with Ossicular Reconstruction
    • Tympanomastoidectomy
    • Tympanomastoidectomy with Ossicular Reconstruction
    • Stapedectomy

    Larynx Procedures

    • Laryngoscopy with biopsy
    • Microlaryngoscopy with biopsy
    • Esophagoscopy
    • Laryngoplasty

    Neck Procedures

    • Biopsy neck mass ( superficial)
    • Biopsy neck mass (deep)
    • Parotidectomy
    • Submandibular gland removal

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    Awards & Achievement

    Ayushmaan Bharat
    Silver Certified


    Ayushmaan Bharat
    Gold Certified

    NABH certified


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    Frequently Asked Questions

    ENT or ear, nose, throat department in a hospital is also called the otolaryngology department that concentrates on treating ailments related to the ear, nose, throat, head and neck. Professionals who work in these departments are recognised as ENT specialists or otolaryngologists. They specialise in both medicine and surgery.

    Almost everyone has experienced a clogged nose, ear infections, sore throat, some of the common conditions. Ujala Cygnus is recognised as one of the best ENT hospitals in Varanasi.

    If this is your first ENT consultation, there are chances that you might feel scared and nervous. However, there is nothing to worry about, as the doctors will start the session by reviewing your medical history. They may also ask you several questions about your symptoms. The specialists may perform a series of non-invasive test and visual examinations of your ears, nose, or throat to understand the condition you are suffering from.

    If you are looking for an ENT clinic in Varanasi, instead you can visit Ujala Cygnus Hospital as we are widely recognised as one of the best ENT hospitals in Varanasi.

    It would help you immensely if you visited an ENT specialist for the following conditions-

    Ringing In Ears

    Temporary ear-block may partially impact your ability to hear. Some people may feel a constant ringing sound in their ear that never goes away. Such symptoms may be a sign of potential ear infection and require the right treatment before the condition worsens. You can receive the highest quality treatment at Ujala Cygnus as we are among the best ENT hospitals in Varanasi.

    Changes In The Voice

    At times, your clear voice suddenly becomes hoarse, and you may even find it difficult to speak or swallow food. Such situations must never be ignored. The right treatment at the right time can help avoid some severe conditions. If you are looking for ENT clinics in Varanasi, you can also consider Ujala Cygnus Hospital as we have a team of experienced ENT doctors who provide affordable and quality ENT care.

    Blocked Nose

    If you cannot breathe properly and feel clogged for a long time for no specific reason, you must consult an ENT doctor immediately. Several factors might contribute to this condition which an ENT specialist can determine through proper diagnosis and offer the right treatment.

    Being a Varanasi resident, if you want to receive the right treatment within the city, you can look for one of the best ENT hospitals in Varanasi.

    Any emergency can be life-threatening, and so is ear, nose and throat conditions. Some of the most common ENT emergencies include nosebleeds, facial fractures, severe throat infection, changes in hearing or other neurologic events. It would help if you remembered that all of these conditions require immediate medical intervention to avoid severe damage that sometimes can be fatal. Every patient must understand what ENT emergency means and how it can affect their life. If you are worried that you may be experiencing an emergency, rush to an ENT hospital where the specialists can handle these cases. As a resident of Varanasi, you can visit any of the best ENT hospitals in Varanasi which provide quality ENT emergency treatment.

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