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What Are The Reasons For No Labour Pain After Due Date?

What Are The Reasons For No Labour Pain After Due Date?

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    In this blog, we are going to talk about what happens if one goes past her due date. Stick around this article to find out what overdue pregnancy means and what could be the reasons for no labour pain after due date.Is it considered normal to go past the due date?

    The answer is affirmative as it is not something unusual to and still have a baby inside your womb and have no labour pain till due date. The due date is the expected date on which you will give birth to a child and is calculated around 40 days after the first day of your last menstruation cycle. A due date can be anticipated and updated regularly by conducting ultrasound scans which give absolutely apt results. Also, most of the babies arrive at 37 weeks to 41 weeks of pregnancy. In the case of twins and triplets, they tend to arrive early and are often born premature babies.

    Why are some babies overdue?

    There aren’t any clear reasons why some babies are overdue. However, experts have some of the listed factors which may be a result of the overdue birth of babies. They are summarized below.

    ● It can happen with your first pregnancy
    ● In case you are an older mum
    ● If you are overweight or obese
    ● In the case, if you’ve had an overdue pregnancy before
    ● In the case, if your mother or sister had an overdue pregnancy with their children
    ● If your due date was calculated incorrectly, then chances are higher that you may go
    past your due date and have a prolonged delivery

    What happens if someone has a prolonged pregnancy?

    This entirely depends on your pregnancy and the well-being of your child. Although, in most cases, mothers and children are safe and babies remain healthy after the delivery, obstetricians worry that sometimes the prolonged pregnancy might lead to certain kinds of complications
    and why the mother has experienced no labour pain after 9 months.
    When women are experiencing no labour pain at 40 weeks of their pregnancy tenure, the prolonged pregnancy may get extended to 41 weeks.

    However, on some rare occasions, the due date extends to 42 weeks. Also, going way past your due date simply means that the ideal environment in your uterus may become less hospitable for the baby as well. Several studies also found out that an increased amount of meconium-stained water in post- term pregnancies increases the risks and complications attached to it where the placenta in your body will also age and ultimately become less equipped to supply enough nutrients and oxygen for the baby. As long as these symptoms occur, you will experience no labour pain till
    due date.

    In case of prolonged pregnancy, your doctor will also consider several facts which include

    ● Your age and weight
    ● Any complications involved which may include diabetes, pre-eclampsia, or high blood
    ● Your baby’s health in the womb
    ● Any history of stillbirth

    What are the ways to manage an overdue pregnancy?

    Firstly, if you are going through a prolonged pregnancy, your doctor will monitor the possible reasons for no labour pain till due date and find out whether the baby is still thriving in your uterus and whether the baby is safe or not. Based on your reports and evaluation, your doctor will take further steps to treat you. If in case you have a low-risk pregnancy, then your doctor will probably not induce your labour right away and may wait for a few days to let things happen on their own. On your 39th week’s antenatal check up, your doctor will discuss all the important things which

    ● The doctor will measure your blood pressure and conduct some tests on your urine for
    ● Examine your bump to check the condition of the baby

    ●Conduct a vaginal examination to check if your cervix feels soft and is ready to go into
    ● Your doctor may also perform some other tests on you which include a membrane
    sweep to see if it triggers labour. To do this, the doctor will move her finger into the
    entrance of your cervix to find out whether it stimulates your cervix and produce any
    kind of hormones that may lead to inducing labour.
    ● Based on all the tests done, the doctor will tell you the reasons for no labour pain after
    due date

    If in case your membrane sweep doesn’t do any work, then your doctor will walk you through the pros and cons of having your pregnancy labour, inducing hormones. Also, you can decide to go for induction; however, in that case, you must take a specific date from the hospital. However firstly, you need to know the reasons for no labour pain after due date from your doctor and then act accordingly.

    What to do while waiting for the delivery?

    It can be hard sometimes to wait for your due date to arrive. Your baby bump will be bigger and you will end up feeling uncomfortable and annoyed most of the time. There are different reasons for no labour pain after due date for women. Here is the list of some fun things which you can do while waiting for your due date to arrive.

    ● List out some fun things with your husband and try to execute those together, with him.
    ● You can also go for some changes in your overall visual appeal which include a new haircut, manicure, etc., as these things might not be very easy to pull off after the delivery.
    ● Get enough rest as it is needed for you and your baby. If you are facing difficulty in sleeping at night, then take short naps during the day.
    ● Keep your hospital bag ready for any emergencies and ensure yourself that you are all set to go to the hospital even at a short notice.
    ● You can also do research to find out the reasons for no labour pain after due date in women on Google.

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