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    The most common type of breast cancer requires surgery as the primary treatment. The surgical procedures for eliminating tumors are called mastectomy and lumpectomy. Additional operations may be necessary to check for cancer in your lymph nodes or reconstruct your breast after being removed. What is Breast Cancer Surgery? Your medical team will almost alwaysYour Read More Link Text

    Skin diseases are disorders that affect the surface of your skin. Several conditions may cause rashes, inflammation, itching, and other skin problems. Some skin problems are caused by genetics, while lifestyle factors cause others. Medication, lotions, ointments, and lifestyle changes may treat skin diseases. This blog contains all the information about skin diseases. What areYour Read More Link Text

    Couples facing infertility issues often choose IVF or other advanced reproductive methods to conceive. It is a series of steps that help such couples fulfill their dreams of parenthood.  However, sometimes, even after everything goes well, a woman doesn’t conceive. There are different reasons an IVF cycle can fail.  This blog talks about all thoseYour Read More Link Text

    Breastfeeding is the right way to feed your baby because it supplies more than just nutrition, including immune-boosting antibodies. Additionally, it is a time of bonding between mother and baby. Breastfeeding is an up-and-down experience, and there may be more downs than ups in the first few days and weeks. With practice and effort, itYour Read More Link Text

    A woman indeed has to go through a lot during her pregnancy. There are consistent changes in hormone levels during pregnancy. Once the baby is born, there are postpartum chills in many instances. The immediate solution is to wrap yourself in a blanket, you can relax, and the shivers will end immediately. These symptoms areYour Read More Link Text

    Vaccines are an essential part of our health as they prevent and keep us safe from different health issues. Pregnancy vaccination plays an integral role in protecting the health of both the mother and the baby. If a mother’s immunity is affected, it can directly affect the baby’s health during and after pregnancy. To stayYour Read More Link Text

    Medical abortion is conducted to end pregnancy using medication prescription pills. It is performed through the ninth week of pregnancy and does not involve surgery. It includes the use of two drugs, mifepristone, and misoprostol. Mifepristone acts by preventing the hormone progesterone from being produced, and the fetus cannot continue to grow in the uterusYour Read More Link Text

    Have you been missing your periods and are wondering if you’re pregnant? Is the anticipation killing you? You might want to start by testing yourself with pregnancy test kits at home. Before you become even more confused, here’s everything you need to know about home pregnancy test kits, from what they are to how andYour Read More Link Text

    White vaginal discharge is a standard vaginal discharge colour, but brown discharge during pregnancy may signify various things, depending on the stage of pregnancy and any further health problems. Brown vaginal discharge could be a common sign of early pregnancy, but it can occasionally reveal intricacies alongside other symptoms. The standard vaginal discharge is aYour Read More Link Text

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