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    Finding it difficult to sleep when having neck pain is quite common. The World Health Organisation or WHO has statistics showing that neck pain is one of the most common afflictions associated with muscles and bones, along with arthritis and bone fractures. Usually, it is not a massive issue and goes away with sleeping andYour Read More Link Text

    If you or your adolescent constantly feels sad, avoids his friends or gets easily irritated, it is not always puberty to blame. There are chances that he might be facing signs of teen depression.  In India, one out of every four teenagers has depression symptoms. It becomes crucial to recognize it at the right timeYour Read More Link Text

    The black neck is a condition in which the skin of the neck is much more darkened than the surrounding area. Therefore, it is also known as the dark neck. The colour difference may result in self-consciousness and a desire to get rid of the black neck. There are some DIY ways to get ridYour Read More Link Text

    Neck fat can be defined as a layer of fat present on the neck and around the chin, which is not very attractive to look at. The fat in your neck can make you appear tired and look older than your age. Apart from that, the fat present in your neck puts more skin inYour Read More Link Text

    Despite commendable progress in the healthcare business, India still has many severe diseases. Treatment for such diseases is costly, and it has a negative impact on an individual’s productivity and earnings. In this blog, we enlist the top 9 deadly diseases common in India and answer your question on which is the most dangerous diseaseYour Read More Link Text

    What is neck pain? Neck pain occurs whenever you experience pain in your neck, which can be caused for several reasons. The neck undergoes a lot of pressure by upholding your head all time with the help of the bones present at the top of the spinal cord, muscles and ligaments.  Several factors like goingYour Read More Link Text

    Coughing is a normal process where the body clears irritants and infections. However, if you are experiencing a persistent cough, you might need to take some action now.  There are possibilities that coughing can be an indicator of other underlying health conditions such as allergy, viral or bacterial infections. In this situation, you should takeYour Read More Link Text

    Dengue is a fever caused due to viral infection and transmitted by a mosquito bite. The disease could be severe if not interpreted and treated on time. Two critical items to consider while treating this viral disease are the recurrence of dengue and the diet to be maintained and followed. However, proper dengue foods couldYour Read More Link Text

    Summer, the hottest season of all seasons, is also the season of food poisoning. Every year many patients get affected by food poisoning and experience its symptoms.  Food poisoning is caused by bacteria in contaminated or infected food. In extremely hot temperatures, the bacteria grow faster, and thus; the illness affects more people. Here’s anYour Read More Link Text

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