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    The global pandemic has already induced the culture of working from home. Still, the biggest challenge that arrived with it was keeping everyone fit both physically and mentally and following a fixed diet regime. We are all required to have a healthy diet while working from home, as our daily eating and drinking habits areYour Read More Link Text

    Stomach heat upsets your stomach and causes inflammation. You may face challenges while dealing with this common digestive problem. It may be caused by sedentary lifestyle choices or irregular eating. In addition to inflammation, you may also experience stomach aches. Sometimes, the stomach ache is accompanied by other symptoms.  Stomach heat develops as a resultYour Read More Link Text

    Did you know your body reacts to the changes in atmospheric temperature? As the external temperature increases, body temperature also rises. The average body temperature stands at 37 degrees celsius, but it can vary up to 0.5 degrees celsius. Certain activities also affect your average body temperature. For example, if you perform an intense workoutYour Read More Link Text

    The method of using laser surgeries to correct refractive errors is still new. However, LASIK was approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Since then, related operations have been frequently used to improve people’s visual ability with nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism.  Any type of refraction error can be dealt with by using the LASIKYour Read More Link Text

    Do you experience eye burns after crying your heart out? It is normal to experience mild symptoms like burning, itchiness, and stinging after shedding tears. However, a severe burning sensation after crying for a while can occur due to an underlying eye condition.  What are tears, and why does my tears burn my eyes?  WhenYour Read More Link Text

    People often go online to look for something like, ‘why do your eyes water when you yawn? The answer is straight and simple. Why we yawn isn’t precisely clear, and it is an involuntary action. At times, yawning is satisfying, but there are times when we try to suppress it. As for some of us,Your Read More Link Text

    Many people feel intense eye pain while shutting their eyes. It could happen due to various reasons, and most reasons get cleared up with treatment. However, a few eye problems require immediate medical attention. Here are a few of them! Why does my eye hurt when I blink? You may experience a burning sensation whileYour Read More Link Text

    Having heartburn is quite familiar with youngsters and people in their adulthood and old age. It happens pretty often during or prior to a stressful situation. For example, you might be sitting in an office meeting and due to give a presentation in a few minutes, when suddenly you feel a little heartburn. You canYour Read More Link Text

    The different cells located in your blood serve several purposes in your body. For example, the cells in your blood responsible for clotting in case of a wound resulting in bleeding are the platelets. They are one of the three integral components of your blood, the other two being white blood cells and red bloodYour Read More Link Text

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