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Affordable & World Class Treatment
Affordable & World Class Treatment
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NABH, Ayushman Bharat Certified
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Award-Winning Doctors & Surgeons

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    Our Hospitals Are COVID-19 Safe

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    The ambulance service is one of the most sought after medical facilities in India, and the most lucrative initiatives undertaken by the healthcare sector. Being hospitals on wheels, they are also means of providing immediate medical assistance on the scene. Varanasi is a big city with many healthcare facilities, such as Ujala Cygnus delivers one of the best ambulance services in Varanasi.

    Varanasi ambulance service at Ujala Cygnus can easily be touted as one of the most affordable service providers as it has the best emergency medical technicians in the city. Ambulance costs are distributed between services, distance travelled and equipment used. At times the cost is calculated from one point to another or for every mile in transit. It is not possible to put a number on the actual price for ambulance service in Varanasi.

    Listed below are some of the situations where dialling ambulance no in Varanasi is warranted:

    a. Patients who have restricted mobility and cannot travel to the hospital on their own.
    b. Sudden weakness or medical urgency that can lead to unconsciousness.
    c. Orthopedic concerns.
    d. Transit from hospital to home after undergoing a strenuous surgical procedure.
    e. Patients who are on constant medical life support.

    Apart from being outfitted with a bed, basic ambulances in Varanasi are also equipped with life support like heart rate monitor, intubation facility, tools or medicines to stabilize blood pressure and control haemorrhages, ventilator, and heart rate monitor.

    Ujala Cygnus Varanasi ambulance services are widely appreciated for their efforts as its mobile healthcare units are well equipped to stabilize life during transit.

    Some hospitals even provide Air ambulance service in situations where the patient is critical and can’t wait for a mobile unit to arrive. Air ambulances are also equipped with medical gear to support immediate transit and support life-saving efforts made by professionals in the vehicle.

    “Can family members accompany the patient in the ambulance?” is a self-evident question people will have when using an ambulance service in Varanasi or any other part of the world. At times, the family is not allowed depending on the patient’s health, and sometimes family members can travel along with the patient to the hospital.

    Usually, the ambulance number in Varanasi is dialled for situations like a cardiac arrest, accident or trauma that warrant immediate medical intervention. The patient will find it comforting to travel along with a family member in the ambulance, but there are specific policies of the ambulance services in Varanasi.

    How ill is the patient and what kind of life-saving medical efforts are to be involved will have to be considered before letting a family member accompany the patient in an ambulance? Generally, people don’t think in these lines during a critical emergency and act on impulse. They dial for an ambulance, and when it arrives, they would want to be with the patient during transit.

    Typically, one family member is allowed to ride along with the patient in the passenger seat and will be secured with a seat belt. The space at the back is needed for paramedics to attend to the patient without any emotional or physical interference. Exceptions are made when the patient is a small child or infant, and parents can ride in the unit’s back.
    If you are not allowed to travel in the ambulance with the patient, you can reach the hospital as per your means of convenience. Do not follow the ambulance as the unit will have red sirens blazing and can bend traffic rules, whereas you cannot do that. It is a traffic rules violation to follow the ambulance.

    If you want to utilize an ambulance service in Varanasi, use the Ujala Cygnus Varanasi ambulance number. The staff will brief you up on the policies and help clear doubts about the service.

    White vans with red sirens and screaming horns depict emergencies. They are on a mission to save precious lives and provide urgent medical intervention to those in need. We must know the types of ambulances available to serve us in our time of need.

    Basic life support ambulance: These ambulances are most suited for patients who don’t require life support or ventilation. They are equipped with basic amenities like a BP monitor, oxygen cylinder and stretcher.

    Many of us are familiar with a basic ambulance, and it is the most commonly used mode of transport for emergencies, but there are other ambulances that are listed below. One can use them depending on the state of their medical need.

    Advance life support ambulance (ALS): An ALS ambulance is used to carry patients who require critical care in transit till they reach the hospital. ASL emergency ambulance in Varanasi by Ujala Cygnus has a trained medical paramedic and life support medical gear like ventilator, defibrillator, oxygen cylinder, resuscitation kit and BO monitor to stabilize the patient. Ujala Cygnus offers ALS ambulance service in Varanasi at the most affordable and transparent cost.

    Patient Transfer Ambulance: Patients who have restricted mobility or need critical monitoring but are not in any imminent danger are transported in a mobile medical unit called a non-emergency patient transfer ambulance. Ujala Cygnus Varanasi ambulance service is mainly used by patients recovering after an elaborate surgery and often need to visit the hospital.

    Mortuary ambulance: The dead body is transported using this type of ambulance. It might have a freezer box depending on the distance to be travelled.

    Train ambulance: Patients on ventilator support or oxygen and can travel via train are transported using train ambulance service. The arrangement is cost-effective and safer compared to road and air ambulances.

    Air ambulances: It is essential to understand the patient’s criticality before calling for an air ambulance service. Air ambulances are used during the most critical and challenging times, and hence choosing the exemplary service is as important as selecting the best hospital or doctor for your treatment.

    Air ambulances are operated and run by a team of professionals with the necessary medical training. They offer end-to-end medical care to the patients involved and ensure smooth and fast transits.

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