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why do my eyes water when i yawn

why do my eyes water when i yawn

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    People often go online to look for something like, ‘why do your eyes water when you yawn? The answer is straight and simple. Why we yawn isn’t precisely clear, and it is an involuntary action. At times, yawning is satisfying, but there are times when we try to suppress it. As for some of us, tearing up while yawning is common. When we yawn, the facial muscles get tightened, and eyes get scrunched up, which might cause the extra tears to spill out. 

    The other reasons that could lead to watering eyes while yawning are dry eyes, allergies or conditions affecting tear production. 

    Why Do My Eyes Water When I Yawn? 

    Below we try to explain yawning and watery eyes and what you can do about it. 

    • Brain Cooling

    As per certain studies, there is no firm reason as to why we yawn. Scientists have tried to prove various possibilities, and one of them was that yawning cools the brain’s temperature. To answer the burning question, ‘why does yawning make your eyes water?’; tearing up while yawning can be related to heat dissipation from the skull. 

    • Pressure on the face

    When we yawn, our facial muscles and the area surrounding the eyes contract. Hence, there is pressure on the tear-producing glands and unknowingly, your eyes water when yawning

    • Dry Eyes

    Yes, dry eyes can ironically be the reason for teary eyes. A certain kind of lubrication is needed to protect our eyes. When eyes fail to produce lubrication in adequate amounts, the condition is known as dry eyes. Thus, it leads to the overproduction of tears. When you have dry eyes syndrome, it is very easy for your eyes to water when yawning. 

    However, only sometimes will your eyes water when yawning, not always. The variation could be due to other factors like cold or dry weather, fan or air conditioner breeze, irritants present, conjunctivitis, allergies, stye or a scratched cornea. 

    The reasons for watering eyes are varied, but we cannot pinpoint a single cause that can precisely answer why the eyes water when you yawn

    Does Everyone Cry While Yawning?

    The answer is no. Many people yawn without shedding a single tear. As mentioned previously, dry eyes can make you prone to watery eyes. However, at the same time, they can make tear production a challenge. If you do not produce many tears usually, then you might yawn without tearing up as well. 

    There is no definitive survey to tell exactly how many people cry while yawning. A good bet will be saying that almost all of us tear up while yawning occasionally, but not every single time. There are factors like our physical state and environment that play a significant role as well. 

    Do I Tear Up Excessively When I Yawn?

    Every individual is different. Therefore, something that is normal for you might be shocking for someone else. Excessive is a term that can be used if you are yawning a lot, tearing up more than usual, or being bothered by it. Then you can consider visiting an ophthalmologist. 

    Ophthalmologists are doctors who treat eye diseases and specialise in them. You can even see your physician if you think you are yawning excessively. They might check if you have a sleeping disorder or some other condition that acts as a root cause. 

    How Do I Stop Watery Eyes When I Yawn?

    Frankly speaking, there isn’t much you can do to stop your eyes from watering when you yawn. However, if you have allergies, dry eyes or other eye conditions, you can get them treated by a medical professional.

    You cannot get rid of yawning completely, but you can reduce the number of yawns by ensuring that you get enough quality sleep. You can even move or go for a walk when you are feeling bored or low. 

    Is It Normal For The Tear To Burn While Yawning?

    It is not usual for tears to burn when you yawn or at any given time. The reason behind burning or stinging tears could be-

    • Eye allergies
    • Damaged contact lenses
    • Infection
    • Dry eye syndrome
    • Blepharitis

    If you see any additional symptoms or the burning lasts for more than a couple of days, you should visit an eye doctor. A professional might be able to answer, ‘why do my eyes tear up when I yawn?’ with your specific condition reference. 

    Can Yawning Be Contagious?

    According to the research, there is no such thing as contagious yawns. At maximum, they can be connected to empathy. It is also found that people are more likely to catch a yawn from the people they are close with rather than strangers. It is a phenomenon that can occur by merely seeing, hearing or imagining someone yawning. 

    Research in children from ages of 3 to 17 strongly indicated that children are prone to imitating yawns. 


    The question, ‘Why do my eyes water when I yawn?’ has no definitive answer. Yawning is just one of several things that leads to watery eyes. As discussed, partly it can be related to the physical act of yawning. It involves the contraction of facial muscles and shut eyes. Then there are external factors like allergies or dry eye syndrome. 

    You can always consult an ophthalmologist if you feel like you yawn a lot or that yawning is bothering you. You might just have a minor condition that explains both yawning and watery eyes and can be treated. Most of the time, if your eyes simply water a bit while yawning, there is no reason to panic. 

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