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Have you sensed pain in your eyes while blinking?

Have you sensed pain in your eyes while blinking?

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    Many people feel intense eye pain while shutting their eyes. It could happen due to various reasons, and most reasons get cleared up with treatment. However, a few eye problems require immediate medical attention. Here are a few of them!

    Why does my eye hurt when I blink?

    You may experience a burning sensation while shutting your eyes due to conjunctivitis, dry eyes, and a stye. Sometimes, glaucoma also causes pain in the eyes. Other possible causes of eye pain when blinking include:

    • Allergic conjunctivitis

    If you are allergic to mold or pollen, you may feel pain while blinking your eyes. It is because these allergens cause inflammation in the conjunctiva, a thin membrane surrounding your eyeballs. Allergic conjunctivitis causes pain and itchiness in the eyes. Moreover, you may develop watery eyes. 

    • Astigmatism

    It is a deformity in your eyeball’s shape. It causes eye pain and may change your vision. 

    • Blepharitis

    It happens when the oil glands in your eyes get clogged by the hair follicles of your eyelashes. It causes inflammation, swelling, itch, and a burning sensation in your eyes. 

    • Chemical burns

    If your work environment is full of toxic chemicals, you may get chemical burns. In addition, the toxicity of different chemicals damages your eyes.

    • Cluster headaches

    You feel pain on one side of your head, usually behind your eyes. It can cause swollen eyelids and red eyes.

    • Corneal scratches

    If your cornea gets scratched, you may develop pain and a burning sensation in your eyes. The cornea is a layer that covers your pupil and iris. 

    • Corneal ulcers

    If your cornea gets inflamed, you may get eye ulcers. The cornea may get inflamed due to an infection or an abrasion. 

    • Dry eyes

    If your eyes stop making enough tears, you may develop dry eyes. Tears are responsible for a clear vision. Moreover, it maintains the moisture in your eyes. If your eyes lack moisture, you may feel pain when blinking.

    • Eye debris

    Debris is a foreign particle that irritates your cornea and eyelids. An eyelash can also act as debris, causing pain when blinking your eyes. 

    • Eye injury

    If you have scratched your cornea or other eye parts, you may develop pain while blinking your eyes. 

    • Flash burns

    If you keep looking at a source of light, you may experience flash burns. For example, looking at a welder’s arc for some time may cause a corneal flash burn. In addition, staring at the sun for a few minutes can also lead to this condition. 

    • Glaucoma

    Excess fluid buildup in your eyes can cause glaucoma. It rarely shows any symptoms, but you must seek immediate medical attention if you experience pressure in your eyes. 

    • Iritis

    Iris is the coloured part of your eyeballs. If your iris gets damaged, you may experience eye pain and sensitivity to light. 

    • Pink eye

    It is also known as conjunctivitis and causes swelling in your eyes’ inner eyelid and outer membrane. The inflammation causes a change in your eye colour, and it appears red or pink. It is a contagious eye condition caused by an infection. 

    • Optic neuritis

    The optic nerve is a connection between your brain and eyes. Your eyes capture the images, and the optic nerve interprets them for your brain. Inflammation in the optic nerve may cause pain when blinking or moving your eyes. 

    • Stye

    A staph infection causes stye in your eyelash follicles or oil glands of the eyelids. These are contagious and cause eye pain while blinking. 

    • Trauma to the face

    Trauma or injury to your face may cause pain when blinking your eyes. It may happen due to damage to the eye sockets. 

    • Vision changes 

    If you develop a blurry vision and cannot see clearly, you may experience vision change. These changes cause temporary pain. 

    If your eye hurts to blink, you may have any of the above-mentioned eye conditions. Therefore, it is essential to undergo an eye test to understand the actual causes of pain in the eyes. You may contact Ujala Cygnus Central Hospital and, during your consultation, ask, “Why does my eye hurt when I blink?”

    When can you call a doctor?

    You can call a doctor if you do not get relief or experience decreased pain within the first 48 hours. Moreover, if your pain doesn’t ease after adopting home remedies, it is better to contact a doctor for medical help. 

    Pain in the eyes could be a symptom of an underlying problem, and other symptoms often accompany it. If your eye pain is not a result of an injury or eye damage, your doctor may look at other symptoms to diagnose your situation. 

    Other symptoms associated with eye problems include:

    • Pain when moving your eyes
    • Pressure around the eye region
    • Inflammation in your inner eyelids and eyelash follicles
    • Sensitivity to light
    • Tenderness around the eyes

    These symptoms cause pain when blinking the eyes. As a result, you might want to control your eye movements. 

    When does eye pain become a medical emergency?

    Your eye condition can become a medical emergency if you notice these symptoms:

    • Unbearable pain
    • Impaired vision
    • Severe pain when touching our eyes
    • Vomiting
    • Abdominal pain
    • The appearance of halos around light
    • Eyes bulging outwards

    These associated symptoms can hurt your eyes when blinking. If you have these symptoms, it indicates a medical emergency, and you must visit an eye specialist to treat your eye disorders. Does your eye hurt when you blink? Call Ujala Cygnus Central Hospital for help. 

    Complications of eye pain when blinking 

    Eye pain while blinking does not always indicate a bigger problem. Sometimes, an irritant or other substances may cause pain in the eyes. Whether the issue is grand or tiny, you must take the treatment seriously. If you don’t follow the treatment or take medications, the problem may persist longer than usual. So it is better to start corrective measures immediately to get the most out of the treatment. 

    If you do not treat your eye problems, you may develop the following complications.

    • Permanent damage to your cornea or eyelids
    • Permanent vision changes
    • Widespread infection

    If you do not want to aggravate your eye problems, it is essential to get the treatment at the earliest. If your eye hurt when you blink, it is suggested that you get them checked immediately. 

    How does your doctor diagnose eye pain when you blink?

    To know the exact cause of your eye pain, your doctor may run a few eye tests and eye examinations. A primary healthcare provider can prescribe medications for various eye problems, including pink eye, styes, and dry eyes. 

     If your primary healthcare provider observes an extreme eye condition, they may refer you to an eye specialist. An eye specialist uses special equipment to measure the pressure inside your eyeballs. If they observe a dynamic force in your eyeball, they will start the treatment immediately. 

    Treatments and home remedies for eye pain 

    Before suggesting a proper treatment for your eye, your doctor will accurately diagnose your condition. They will treat the underlying causes that result in eye pain. The treatments may include prescribed medications, over-the-counter drugs, and home remedies. The medicines to improve your eye condition include:

    • Medicated eye drops
    • Antibiotics
    • Painkillers and anti-inflammatory drugs
    • Allergy medicines
    • Steroids

    You can also take home remedies and OTC products to improve your eye condition. However, first, consult your doctor and then rely on home remedies for relief. For example, if your eye hurts to blink, you can follow the home remedies after consulting with your doctor. 

    Eye relief tips 

    Some tips that may provide relief includes:

    • If you have dryness in your eyes, you can try non-medicated eye drops for relief. 
    • If the eye pain results from debris in the eyes, you can use saline or sterile water to wash your eyes. Saline solutions for eyes are readily available at local medical stores, and you can use them to flush your eyes. 
    • If you have an eyelid infection or stye, you can use a warm compress to ease the pain and inflammation. 

    You can easily make a warm compress at your home. Take a clean washcloth and dip it in water for a few minutes. Now, take it out of the water and gently hold it against your eyes. Keep the washcloth warm and resubmerge it in the water if it gets cold. Once the process is over, you must clean the washcloth with detergent. Try to use hot water to clean the cloth. It is essential to maintain hygiene to stop the spread of contagious stye and pink eyes. 

    “My eye hurts when I blink and it feels bruised” is one of the most common concerns addressed by the specialists at Ujala Cygnus. If your eyes hurt when you blink, and you need expert consultation, call us and schedule an appointment. We can help you determine the cause of the problem and offer the most suitable treatment. 

    For free teleconsultation with our doctor, call us at 88569-88569 or fill the form to share your problem.

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